A spectacular cruise destination


Number of cruises/passengers

2010: 150 / 261 000
2011: 173 / 312 000
2012: 166 / 304 000
2013: 159 / 298 000
2014: 128 / 255 000
2015: 102/198 268

2016 (estimated):81/155 000

For tourist information:  www.visitoslo.com

A spectacular cruise destination

Oslo is a popular cruise destination for many reasons. In 2016 will 81 cruise ships dock at the waterfront, bringing with them over 155 000 adventurous visitors. Still, there are always room for more.

Not only is Oslo often the gate to other stunning destinations in Norway, it is also a city full of oppurnities to explore. The cruise terminals are all very close to the very centre of the city, meaning there is only a short walk from where passengers step ashore, to where the tour can start. 

Four cruise terminals

The cruise traffic in Oslo are located on four different piers, all close to the city center and to each other: Filipstad (330m (LOA) 8,5m draft), Søndre Akershuskai (345 (LOA), 10,3m draft), Vippetangkaia (249 m (LOA) 7,3 m draft) og Revierkaia (294 m (LOA), 8,3 m draft).

More detailed information about the city - what to see and what to do - please check www.visitoslo.com

A spectacular cruise destination

Illustration of the cruise ship terminals in blue.

Most Germans visitors
The cruise ships brings passengers with different nationalities to Oslo. Almost a third of these passengers are Germans, followed by American and British tourists.

The west coast of Norway and the Baltic Sea
Most of the cruises that visit Oslo are continuing on to other destinations after a day or two in the capital. A popular route is the Northern European route, where the ships sail on to the Baltic Sea and visit cities such as Tallinn and St. Petersburg. Another popular route is along the Norwegian west coast, visiting the breath-takingly beautiful Norwegian fjords. 

Full of life
Cruise ships definitely make their mark on the capital. Some days as many as three or four ships are docked at the same time, contributing to a vibrant life on the pier. Security gates at the port are opened as soon as the ship leaves so that the area available to the public.

More information
For more information about the cruise traffic in Oslo, please contact Anette Brække, head of cruise at the Oslo Port Authority.