Harbor & Waterway Supervision

Daily monitoring and supervision of the harbor and waterways ensures traffic moves efficiently and effectively.

Port of Oslo Vessels

Port of Oslo has three surveillance boats, the Pelican, Hauk and Falk, to maintain a cleaner and safer fjord.

Over the past 30 years, the Pelican has collected more than 3 tons of garbage from the harbor basin. A new, electric powered Pelican II will be one of the world's first electric environmental boats, able to clean the fjord without contributing to air pollution.

The Hauk is the first of its kind in Norway with the ability to capture up to 95% of its emissions. The boat has a solid steel hull and can break winter ice. Hauk is equipped with top of the line navigational equipment, and a crane capable of lifting and transporting almost 12 metric tons of garbage or other cargo.  

The catamaran Falk is both fast and solid, equipped to provide support in emergency and rescue operations.