Onshore power supply in Oslo


Color Line's ships will recieve onshore power supply in Oslo

Reduces CO2 emission equvivalent to 1,700 cars

Cooperation between Color Line, Port of Oslo, Bellona and Hafslund Nett shows results for the environment

Onshore power supply in Oslo

A ground-breaking environmental project reduces pollution. Color Line's ships in Oslo now run on onshore power supply while they are berthed.

These green results are the result of cooperation between Color Line, Port of Oslo, Bellona and Hafslund Nett. When ships are berthed, they generate the electricity they require from their own auxiliary engines that pollute both locally and globally. In Norway, onshore power supply mainly comes from clean, renewable energy.

When Color Lines ferries are connected to onshore power supply, the CO2 emissions in Oslo are reduced by 3,000 tons each year and NOx emissions are reduced by 50 tons each year.

Environmental responsibility
Color Line is Norway's largest and one of Europe's leading cruise and transport companies. The company has its head office in Oslo. In 2001, Color Line was awarded the Environmental Award by the Port of Oslo and in December 2010, Color Line signed an Environmental agreement with Oslo Municipality.

"The decision to invest in onshore power supply is a major undertaking, but it is important and serves to show how vital it is to lift together in solving major environmental problems", says Group Director for Communication and Public Affairs, Helge Otto Mathisen in Color Line.

The company also shares the vision of the Norwegian Shipowners Association - the goal of zero emissons from ships.

Onshore power supply in Oslo
The "plug".

Collaborating on solutions
"We are proud to be able to contribute specifically to reduced emissions and cleaner air in Oslo. We expect that this measure can cut emissions by 3,000 tons CO2 and 50 tons NOx each year", says Frederic Hauge in the Bellona foundation.

"Installing a onshore power supply is something we have been dreaming about for many years and it serves to show what can be achieved when Bellona joins forces with industry and public agencies. Color Line and the Port of Oslo deserve praise for their engagement and ability to get the job done", says Hauge.

Color Fantasy and Color Magic are the world's two largest cruise ships equipped with car decks. The ships operate on the Oslo-Kiel service and are the first large ships in Norway to convert to onshore energy.

Major environmental responsibility
"Color Line has taken on a major environmental responsibility as the first shipowning company to use this technology in practice. Color Line has used considerable resources in order to achieve this goal and is a good example for others. We aim to make transport of goods by sea even more environmentally friendly and we hope that the experience from the project will make it easier for other shipowning companies to convert to onshore power", says Port Director Anne Sigrid Hamran.

This view is endorsed by Frederic Hauge in Bellona:

"We hope to take this project further and introduce onshore power supply in other ports. Bergen is high on the list, there are many ships in this port generating their own electricity and thereby polluting the environment", says Hauge.

Joint financing
Color Line has received financial support from Transnova, Enova and Oslo Havn KF when converting to the new technology. Hafslund Nett have contributed with technical competence and Bellona has been a driving force in realizing the project.

"It is inspiring to see that good collaboration can lead to such a positive result for the environment and for the citizens of Oslo. Praise is due to the parties in this project who have been so effective and constructive", says the Port Director in Oslo.


Color Line: Helge Otto Mathisen, Group Director for Communication and Public Affairs 992 23 330.
Port of Oslo: Anne Kristin Hjukse, Head of Information: 992 14 610
Bellona: Anne Karin Sæther, Information Manager: 90 20 55 20

Facts about onshore power supply in Oslo

Onshore power supply in Oslo
Will now recieve onshore power supply. Color Fantasy at quay in Oslo.
Photo: Terje Løchen