Melting snow by the quay


The barge is placed at Vippetangen / Akershusstranda

7000 cubic metre snow can be melted by sea water in a day. 

Operations started 25. January 2012

Melting snow by the quay

The barge that melts snow by using seawater is the first in its kind. It removes snow from the City of Oslo in an environmentaly friendly way.

The developer NCC will run the plant for the City of Oslo the next eight years. This will reduse the need of deponies of snow throughout the City.  

Good for the environment
The barge can accommodate 500 cubic meters of snow per hour. 7000 cubic meters of snow can be melted in a day. The snow is filtered, mixed and cleaned several times so that the water discharged into the sea is clean and meets the environmental requirements.