Vessel Traffic Service to Horten


Horten maritime traffic control center (VTS)  monitor and regulate the ship traffic from Færder to Oslo.
Workingchannel 18 and 19, kanal 80 vil no longer be in use

Oslo Port Control is open 24/7  Working channel VHF 15  / Mobile +47 917 99 900


Vessel Traffic Service to Horten

From October 1st, 2015, the VTS area of the center in Horten will be extended to include the existing VTS area of the Port VTS in Oslo. The center in Horten will provide VTS services in the extended area on VHF working channel 19. Oslo Port Control is still open 24/7.

With effect from October 1st, 2015, a new Norwegian regulations regarding the use of Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) areas and the use of specific waters come into force.

In general the regulation apply to vessels with a maximum length of 24 meters or more and to vessels transporting particularly hazardous or pollutive cargo.

Horten VTS will have working channels 18 and 19. Channel 80 will no longer be in use.

Oslo Port Control is open 24/7, with working channel VHF 15

Horten VTS and Oslo will work together to contribute to safe and efficient traffic in the Oslo Fjord.