About Port of Oslo

Port of Oslo is a municipal enterprise with a separate board of directors, operating under the aegis of the municipality of Oslo. The port facilitates efficient and environmentally friendly operations to support maritime transport, monitor traffic in the municipality's waters, and manage the port's properties and facilities in an economical and environmentally sound manner.

The port has approximately 100 employees with a head office at Vippetangen, and other offices located on Sjursøya.

Port of Oslo has earned ISO 14001 environmental certification for its management and operations.

In 2004, the Oslo Port Authority was reorganized as a municipal enterprise and adopted the name, Port of Oslo. HAV Eiendom (Properties) is Port of Oslo’s own real estate company, established in 2003 to develop the port's properties in Bjørvika. The company is both a land and property developer.

Mission & Vision

Port of Oslo is the responsible authority for operation of the port, and for exercise of authority in the municipality's waterways under The Port & Waters Act.  

  • Port of Oslo is responsible for facilitating efficient and environmentally friendly sea transport to and from Oslo, at the lowest possible social cost, through modernization and construction of state of the art port facilities.

  • Port of Oslo’s vision is to be the world's most area-efficient and environmentally friendly municipal port.

  • Port of Oslo aims to become one of the world's first emissions-free ports.