Climate and environment

Sydhavna aerial view
Norway's largest port is well on its way to becoming the world's first emissions-free port. Photo: Harald Valderhaug
Port of Oslo's vision is to become the world's most efficient and environmentally friendly urban port. Innovation, green technology, and collaboration are crucial to the port becoming emissions-free over the long term.

Norway's largest freight and passenger port facilitates environmentally friendly maritime transport and helps make Oslo an attractive city. The port plays a significant role in Oslo's climate strategy and the green shift.

Port of Oslo’s vision to become a zero-emission facility will help achieve its goal to shift cargo from road to sea, and reduce emissions from ships and land transport. In collaboration with customers and partners, we will develop a port of the future, in line with the municipality’s zero-emission vision and established cost-benefit principles.

Port of Oslo has been ISO 14001 environmentally certified since 2011.

Port of Oslo: Environmental and climate goals

Increase maritime transport: Zero-emissions port over the long term

Goal 1: 50% increase in cargo traffic by 2030

Goal 2: 40% increase in passenger traffic by 2030

Goal 3: 95% reduction of CO2 from land operations by 2025

Goal 4: 50% reduction of CO2 from ships by 2025

Goal 5: 85% reduction of total CO2 emissions by 2030

Goal 6: 50% reduction of NOx emissions by 2025  

Efficient and effective port operations: Energy-efficient port

Goal 7: Increase the share and use of renewable energy for ships and land transport by 2030

Goal 8: Increase the number of energy-efficient buildings, facilities, and quays by 2030  

Environmentally friendly port and sea transport: Zero emissions port

Goal 9: Avoid acute pollution and collaborate on emergency preparedness

Goal 10: Cooperate to support ecological and biological health of the fjord

Goal 11: Only native and endangered species in port areas by 2030  

Help make Oslo an attractive city: Sustainable urban port

Goal 12: Increase zero-emission construction sites by 2025

Goal 13: Sort 90% of waste in Port of Oslo by 2025

Goal 14: Measure noise pollution, raise awareness about noise, and manage feedback from stakeholders

Goal 15: Increase capacity to receive sewage from ships by 2030